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"A World-Class Network of Touring & Event Professionals."
About GEP Network
Global Event Productions Network is a full-service Event Production & Management organization founded by Tour Production Manager and Music Industry Veteran, Victor Reed, Sr.. The vision of GEPN focuses on channelling the collective synergies of Event Producers, Managers, Personnel, Contractors, Investors, and Promotors for the purpose of creating a high standard of excellence, Through this standard of excellence, we aim to create more income and growth opportunites for our participating members, partners and sponsors. Through various technologies, including a Full-Featured Social Networking Community, we aim to increase Connectivity amongst our Industry Event Professionals. This will allow us to faciliate the Communication, Education, & Information necessary to create a uniform culture of excellence.
What is Global Event Productions Network?
  • GEPN is a talent, resource, and staffing pool for the Event Production and Event Management Industry.
  • GEPN is a Exclusive Business Social Network, comprised of some of the brightest, most-respected and sought-after professionals in the event production, management, and touring industry.
  • GEPN is a Network where Industry Professionals can showcase and promote their talents and work history to the industry.
  • GEPN is an online think-tank, where Event Professionals can work together to identify challenges that we face as an industry and collaborate to come up with viable solutions. This includes critical but frequently overlooked issues such as Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, 401ks, College Funds, Business Planning, and how to adequately plan & incorporate Family Time while out on the road for long periods of time.
  • GEPN is a full-featured Web Community where you can have fun and share your global experiences with your peers and counterparts. You can create profiles, chat, blog, post photos, post videos, news, interact with facebook friends, twitter, followers and more.
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Overview of Our Services

Global Event Productions Network offers Event Production Services that are unsurpassed in today's market.

  • Show Advancement
  • Travel Logistics/Coordination
  • Special Effects & Lighting
  • FOH & Monitor Engineers
  • Audio/Video Services
  • Stage Construction & Rigging
  • Permitting & Insurance
  • Expert Budgeting/Settlement
  • Venue Conceptualization
  • Production, Tour & Stage Mgrs.
  • Production Coordinators
  • Music Directors
  • Labor Crew Management
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Wardrobe, Hair, & Makeup
  • Website & Graphic Design
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